Pillar of Care UK is a supported living provider which provides support and care to adults suffering from mental health and Learning Disability, Age range varies. Minimal age is 18 and maximum will depend on the level of care required.
Pillar of Care UK aims to give individuals the opportunity to live as independently as possible with the support of experience and qualified staff.

Pillar of Care UK also aims to:

  1. To provide support that is tailored to each individual needs, ensuring person centred care.
  2. To empower Individual to lead as independent a life as possible.
  3. To provide services that are anti-discriminatory.
  4. To provide a service that takes into account individual’s preferences, wishes, personal circumstances and individual abilities.
  5. To provide our Individual with support of the highest quality within their own home environment.
  6. Work with other professionals to ensure holistic care.
  7. We aim to make a difference in all of our service user’s lives.
  8. Provide a safe and family-oriented accommodation.

We provide 24-hour support. We are committed to providing a person-centred service which focuses on recovery and which delivers valued individualised outcomes. We achieve this through thorough assessment, support planning and working in partnership with families and friends as well as statutory services to build networks and supportive relationships in order to provide a holistic service. We provide a safe environment for our clients where they feel safe knowing that care or support is close at hand whenever they need help.