The service provided by Pillar of Care UK will be in a manner consistent with the following ethics to meet the needs of the individuals:

  • The rights of all individuals within society to be promoted and supported so that equality and quality of life is available to each individual within the service.
  • Each individual is treated as a person with a variety of individual needs.
  • Anti-discriminatory practice at Pillar of Care UK will continue to be developed and provided so that each individual is guaranteed the same quality of service.
  • The confidentiality of information and its sources will be respected and disclosed only to those who necessarily require it and after agreement with the individual service user concerned of his/her advocate.
  • All involved in the delivery of the service are essential and integral to the service team, (consistent with service user choice), and therefore service users and their partners, relatives, friends and community would be involved at all stages. Service users will be encouraged and supported to maintain contact with relatives and friends. Visitors are encouraged and accepted a within socially acceptable hours.
  • The health and safety of workers, service users, partners, relatives and friends, is of paramount importance and therefore all actions and procedures consistent with health and safety guidelines and as stipulated under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 have been put in place without unnecessary restraint on individual action.

To achieve the above, we pledge to:

  • To undertake each stage of the agreed programme sensitively using professional expertise.
  • Negotiate and decide the package of service to be provided with the purchasing authority, the service user and their relatives or representatives.
  • Ensure that service level specifications are met effectively and efficiently by accessing the availability of all appropriate resources, thus ensuring a value for money service.
  • Keep the service user’s needs under regular review.