The levels of need of people with mental health problems are defined in terms of:

  • The severity of their mental health problem
  • Their ability to function independently
  • The frequency with which they need support
  • The risk of harm to themselves and others resulting from their mental health condition based on a full risk assessment.

We rehabilitate people with one or more of the following conditions or problems:

  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Forensic History – S37/41
  • Mental Health Needs
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Autism
  • Physical impairmen
  • Learning Difficulties

These are some of the differing needs of our existing clients. They may require:

  • supervision to comply with their medication
  • assistance with building and sustaining daily living and social skills
  • providing supervision with personal care needs
  • assistance to manage their challenging behaviour and complex needs
  • Providing help and assistance with our clients vulnerability to exploitation from others
  • help to maintain their daily living skills
  • support in participation to communal activities
  • assistance to identify and enrol on educational training courses.
  • assistance to claim and manage their benefits
  • support to register with primary care services
  • support to make and keep appointments
  • support to organise holidays and trips
  • supervision to comply with their conditional discharge-S37/41

All service users will be assessed and invited for trial visits before admission to the home. For those who are not eligible for our services we will give information, advice and/or redirection where possible.