It is the responsibility of all our staff to assist service users in making complaints. It is our policy to appreciate complaints as positive as they do help to ensure the highest standard of service delivery. An acknowledgement of the complaint will be notified within 24 hours of receipt. In instances where this is not practicable, the complainant will be informed of the reasons for the delay, and given an indication of the time scale in which the complainant will be redressed.

Most complaints can be sorted out by discussing them with the Registered Manager. The Registered Manager will discuss the problem with you within five working days of making the complaint. You will be told within 7 days in writing what the Home Manager is going to do about your complaint. Some complaints may require more time, if so you will be informed about the extended time required to deal with your complaint.

Service users will be given a copy of the home’s complaints procedure. A summarised copy will be on display in the main entrance. Suggestion box and survey forms provided to each residents to obtain feedback. A suggestion/complaint box in place to allow residents to provider further feedback with management only individuals that will have access to the box.

Please send your complaints to Please remember to provide your contact details for confirmation purposes.